The pre Brexit price freeze is thawing

Great value continues with our marble fireplaces

English Fireplaces has always believed that giving the best value and having the finest customer service in the industry are two of the most important things we can offer our clients.

However, some things are out of our control; the weather, the price of fish, and the result of the Brexit Referendum weakening the Pound.

So sadly our pre-Brexit price freeze has to come to an end. The prices for our marble surrounds will increase this month (February 2017) because we pay the craftspeople who hand carve our fireplaces in US dollars. Through good fortune and shrewd financial management we’ve managed to delay the increase long after some other companies’ prices rose last year. But we can’t delay any longer.

Even with this increase, our prices will still remain difficult to beat.

How does this affect you?

Well, we want to continue to offer the best value we can so we have come up with a way to help us do that.

If you require a new fire surround(s) and place your order before the end of February 2017 then we will maintain that pre price rise quote, provided you take delivery before May 1st 2017.

If you are already received a quote from us, that will obviously not change, even after the price rise has happened.

The prices for our marble surrounds like the Versaille in the picture above are the same as before June 23rd 2016 – if you place your order before the end of February 2017.

We thought it was only right that we let everyone know so there are no surprises when your order is placed, as we don’t do sales.

Please feel free to take a look at some of our surrounds or give us a call to talk through your requirements. You can also request a call back if you prefer.